CP Software Group (CP) was founded in 1991 and operates from Historic Folsom in the heart of the California gold rush country. Its founders were executives from the software industry with extensive experience in turnaround management and new venture development. The founders wanted to apply their skills in helping struggling or underperforming businesses succeed.

CP is an active acquirer of businesses and business units. Over its first ten years, CP built a portfolio of six companies from some twenty acquisiton transactions. Each company became a significant participant in an important market segment e.g. office automation, programming systems, data communications, with operations around the world including Europe, Asia and South America. The portfolio achieved remarkable financial results for growth and profitability.

CP helps local startup companies With capital formation and fund raising, management consulting, technical and marketing services and other ""incubator" activities. A common relationship model is to help finance the company with a debt vehicle and assume some operating role until the company is large enough to afford its own management team. CP maintains a data center where affiliates may host products and websites, serve email and develop software. The company has built and continues to develop certain core technologies that are often useful in accelerating product introductions for new companies.

CP provides business development services to established companies seeking to diversify in some technical market segment. These types of projects are often structured as independent ventures to be consolidated when successful. This has been a cost-effective way to ensure the new venture has adequate attention from a skilled staff without distracting the company's mainstream business. CP creates and manages an independent entity until initial strategic objectives have been achieved. The new business is then consolidated into the parent company.

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